Little girls who are ‘offered to the gods’ by their own parents

TThe Deuki custom has been practiced by the people in the western regions of Nepal for many years now. It is a custom where little girls are volunteered by their parents and guardians to serve at local Hindu temples in Nepal.

In the early days, being a Deuki was a…

Decluttering Your Social Media Feeds As a Minimalist

Sometime last month, I participated in a challenge with my friends. In the challenge, we all had to post a video screenshot of our respective Instagram feeds.

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of mentally exhausting content on some of my friends’ feeds. I saw that they were following…

The culture that practices tooth filing

FFor many centuries, the Tooth filing ritual has been considered one of the most important rites of passage in the Hindu-Balinese culture as it is considered a ticket to heaven after one dies. The ritual is mandatory for every Balinese adolescent.

The Tooth Filing Rites

In the Balinese culture, the moment a child gets…

The Culture where a woman marries her fellow woman to bear her children from different men

TThe Kalabari tribe of Nigeria is known for its beautiful and rich culture which they hold in high esteem. The tribe is located in the southwestern part of Rivers State, Nigeria — bounded to the South by the Atlantic ocean as a result of the surface hydrology of the region…

The Culture that drives away winter by wearing scary masks

Busojara festival is one of the most significant cultures of the people of Hungary. The festival usually take place annually within the month of February — towards the end of winter season and is believed to help drive away winter.

History of Busojara Festival

According to legends, the Busojara festival began in the 16th…

The Famous Festival for all Creatives in America

TThe Burning Man Festival takes place annually at the Black Rock Desert, Pershing County in Nevada, United States. It is considered one of the most famous festivals in the world. For eight consecutive days, thousands of people gather at the Black Rock — a make-shift city in Nevada to celebrate…

Belinda Mallasasime

Psychologist/ Top Writer, Lover of GOD and People. I write mostly on History, Travel, Leadership, and Culture. My religion is Love.

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