Little girls who are ‘offered to the gods’ by their own parents

A Deuki sleeping outside a temple ( Photo Source:

The Deuki custom has been practiced by the people in the western regions of Nepal for many years now. It is a custom where little girls are volunteered by their parents and guardians to serve at local Hindu temples in Nepal.

In the early days, being a Deuki was a prestigious title as it usually involved a public ceremony where the people in the community would all gather and feast at the temple for the dedication of the new Deuki — after which she’d be considered married to the gods.

These girls who are as young as five years of…

Decluttering Your Social Media Feeds As a Minimalist

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Sometime last month, I participated in a challenge with my friends. In the challenge, we all had to post a video screenshot of our respective Instagram feeds.

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of mentally exhausting content on some of my friends’ feeds. I saw that they were following accounts of people they didn’t even like and accounts with contents that were of no interest to them.

The one that concerned me the most was the screenshot of one of my friends that’s currently struggling with insecurity about her body. …

She disguised to provide for her daughter

Sisa Gaber Abou Douh (Photo source:

The topic of gender discrimination when it comes to the workplace is one that has been of great concern for many years now. In a world where many societies have made it difficult for women to enjoy the same work opportunities as their male counterparts. Instead, they are expected to stay at home tending to the family, and even the ones who manage to get jobs don't get as many opportunities as the men.

Sisa Gaber Abou Douh an Egyptian woman was brave enough to defy society and create her own reality. …

The culture where a man offers his wife for the sexual pleasure of his visitors

A Beautiful Himba woman covered in Otjize paste (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Would it interest you to know that there is a culture where you don’t need to worry about suppressing your sexual fantasies for your friend’s wife? All you’d need to do is simply pay your friend a visit and you’d be having the time of your life living your fantasies. The Himba culture definitely takes hospitability to a whole other level.

The Himba Culture

The Himba people are a nomadic tribe with a population of 50,000. They reside in the northern part of Namibia. Occupying, the Kunene Region and Angola, the people are predominantly livestock farmers who use cattle as currency and measurement…

The culture requires a virginity test from the bride and a potency test from the groom — which is to be tested by the brides’ aunt

Banyakole tribe women(Photo source: Wikipedia)

You might be of the opinion that the role of an aunt is to love and guide her niece by being a confidant to her niece especially with things she's unable to share with her mother. However, for the Banyakole tribe of Uganda, the duty of an aunt goes way beyond merely giving advice.

The Banyakole people which are also referred to as the Ankole tribe are the inhabitants of the traditional Bantu Kingdom which dates as far back as the 15th century. …

Homosexual initiation is believed to make the boys immune to feminine charms

An older boy showing the younger boys how to suck on a flute — on the Sambia culture. Photo by Gilbert Herdt

The Sambia people are a tribe of mountain dwellers who inhabit the fringes of the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua, New Guinea. They are into hunting and horticulture.

These people are mostly known for their cultural acts of homosexuality and semen drinking rituals. In this culture, boys between the ages of seven and ten are taken away from their mothers to an isolated place where they begin an initiation process.

The reason for the initiation is because relationships between genders are complex in the Sambia culture. …

The village where men were forbidden

Hillary Clinton and Rebecca Lolosoli ( Photo source:

Rebecca Lolosoli is the founder and matriarch of a women-only village in the Samburu County of Kenya. A village that has served as a sanctuary for sexual assault victims as well as girls fleeing child bride marriages.

Rebecca was born in 1962 to a family of six brothers and sisters in Wamba village, Kenya. She’d always had dreams of being a nurse so in 1971, when she was just nine years old, she applied to train as a nurse in the village but dropped out after only six months, due to financial reasons.

At the age of 15, Rebecca had…

3 things I did to regain peace in my relationship.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

You must have heard that relationships strive on communication but what do you do when you’re both communicating and still you seem to be unheard? Maybe you're struggling in your relationship because you can’t seem to figure out the best way to communicate or you’re just holding on to the hurt the other person must have caused you in the past.

Especially when they don't seem to be entirely aware of the level of pain they've caused you and that could be because they feel hurt as well. So when you try to communicate to them that you're hurting, they…

A nine-year-old wrote a best seller 1890, but it wasn’t published until 1919

A portrait of little Daisy(Photo source:

Famous for her best-selling novella, The Young Visiters, Daisy Ashford was an English writer who started writing as a child. Daisy was born in Petersham, Richmond, the United Kingdom on April 3, 1881. Her parents, Emma Georgina Walker and William Henry Roxburgh Ashford had three daughters, Daisy was the oldest. Being homeschooled with her sisters, Daisy developed an interest in writing.

While living at 44 St Anne’s Crescent, Lewes, when Daisy was just six years old, she wrote her first story to her father, one she had titled, The Life of Father McSwiney. Subsequently, she wrote several other stories amongst…

They believe he was a reincarnation of an ancient warrior from their tribe who went to England to search for his Bride

Coronation portrait of Elizabeth II with the Duke of Edinburgh, June 1953 (Photo source: Wikipedia)

Prince William may have been known to many as the duke of Edinburgh, and the husband to the Queen but to some natives at the remote Island of Vanuatu of the South Pacific Islands, he was so much more. Actually he was a god.

Initially the Vanuatu Island was inhabited by Melanesian people (ancestors of the present-day Papuan people). then in 1606 a Spanish expedition led by a Portuguese navigator Fernandes de Queiros claimed the archipelago for Span as part of the colonial Spanish East Indie and renamed it La Austrialia del Espíritu Santo.

Then during the 1880s the United…

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