Don’t do these things when in South Korea.

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South Korea happens to be one of the most visited countries in Asia with tourists from all corners of the world traveling just to witness the countries beautiful and phenomenon culture. The country which is situated in East Asia with over 51,000,000 in the population (2021) and shares a border with North Korea is truly a place worth visiting.

Just as every other country, the people of this great country have their cultural ethics, and it’s only proper that you consider these ethics when there. …

Little girls who are ‘offered to the gods’ by their own parents

A Deuki sleeping outside a temple ( Photo Source:

The Deuki custom has been practiced by the people in the western regions of Nepal for many years now. It is a custom where little girls are volunteered by their parents and guardians to serve at local Hindu temples in Nepal.

In the early days, being a Deuki was a prestigious title as it usually involved a public ceremony where the people in the community would all gather and feast at the temple for the dedication of the new Deuki — after which she’d be considered married to the gods.

These girls who are as young as five years of…

Decluttering Your Social Media Feeds As a Minimalist

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Sometime last month, I participated in a challenge with my friends. In the challenge, we all had to post a video screenshot of our respective Instagram feeds.

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of mentally exhausting content on some of my friends’ feeds. I saw that they were following accounts of people they didn’t even like and accounts with contents that were of no interest to them.

The one that concerned me the most was the screenshot of one of my friends that’s currently struggling with insecurity about her body. …

The tale of the war between a giant prince and his younger brother the king

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During the 1500s in Great Benin, a state located in the Southern region of Nigeria — where the Oba (King) is permitted to marry multiple wives and have multiple children, it was quite normal for the king to have more than one pregnant wife at a time.

This was the case for Oba Ozolua who was the reigning king of Benin at the time. …

The queen who married into the enemy tribe to spy for her people

The tallest statue in Africa. The statue of Queen Moremi Ajasoro of Ile Ife (Photo source: Wikipedia)

During the 12th century in the Yoruba land of Ile Ife, a tribe currently in the western region of Nigeria, there was a queen called Moremi Ajasoro who to this day is considered one of the heroic figures of the Yoruba tribe.

Queen Moremi was originally from Offa, a city situated in the Kwara South Senatorial District of Nigeria. She was one of the wives of Oranmiyan Omoluabi Odede, the heir to the King of Ife and Founding Father of the Yoruba tribe, Oduduwa who eventually became king of the kingdom of Ile-Ife, a kingdom that was then terrorized by…

The island that must never get nude while having sex

(Photo source:

Inis Beag is an Irish term for “little Island” and as the name implies, it is a small island occupied by a small isolated Irish Catholic community located off the coast of Connemara, Ireland. The island is also a neighbor to the Aran Islands. By the 1960s, the island had a population of about 350 inhabitants and was into subsistence farming and fishing but recently, they're more into tourism, preserving their traditions and heritage.

During the 1960s, cultural anthropologist John Conan Messenger in his studies Sex and Repression in an Irish Folk Community revealed the level of sexual repression of…

Allegedly the first same-sex couples in history

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In 1964, while excavating the artery of the pyramid of King Unas, an Egyptologist named Ahmed Moussa discovered a tomb at Saqqara Egypt, that had the inscriptions of two men listed as “royal confidants” in their joint tomb. The inscription also had the name “Khnumhotep” written on the right and “Niankhkhnum” on the left,

The names of the men inscribed on the tomb are believed to be both embedded names to the creator-god Khnum that form a linguistic reference to their level of intimacy. With Khnumhotep meaning “Khnum is satisfied” and Niankhkhnum meaning “life belongs to Khnum”.

The tomb happened…

The six-year-old inventor who grew up to invent the sanitary belts

Photo Source: Wikipedia — edited by Author

Coming from a family of inventors, it was no surprise Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner would follow in her family’s footsteps. At the age of six, she came up with her very own invention. Though there have been several misconceptions surrounding her invention as to whether or not she actually invented sanitary pads, today Kenner is recognized worldwide as the woman who invented an improved version of sanitary belts for women, preventing women and girls all over the world from various diseases.

Her Life

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 17, 1912, Kenner and her only sister, Mildred Davidson Austin Smith, who…

The culture where girls are traded off as brides to aggrieved families as compensation

A little Girl shipped off to her husband’s (Poto source: childFlickr / Saad Sarfraz Sheikh (

In a world where women are constantly trying to be heard, to be considered much more than mere property that should be kept voiceless, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a South Asian country and the fifth most populous country in the world is known to have several ancient cultures including the Vani custom that completely disregards not just women but young girls as young as one year old.

Vani Custom

The Vani or Swara is a custom practiced in some parts of Pakistan especially in Mianwali by conservative families. It is a form of arranged marriage where girls are forced against their…

The black American-born French entertainer who was rejected by her country for being black

Baker dressed in a banana costume in 1927 Photo Source: Wikipedia Photo credit: Walery

Josephine Baker is a remarkable American-born French performer that took France by storm with her dance and music but was rejected by her own country people for being black. She spent most of her life as a Fench Resistance Agent as well as fighting against racism in her birth country.


Born Freda Josephine McDonald on June 3, 1906, in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States. Her mother Carrie McDonald was a single mother who worked as a washerwoman after being walked out on by Josephine’s father. Though Carrie eventually remarried, Josephine was forced by circumstances to help fend for…

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