Little girls who are ‘offered to the gods’ by their own parents

A Deuki sleeping outside a temple ( Photo Source:

The Deuki custom has been practiced by the people in the western regions of Nepal for many years now. It is a custom where little girls are volunteered by their parents and guardians to serve at local Hindu temples in Nepal.

In the early days, being a Deuki was a prestigious title as it usually involved a public ceremony where the people in the community would all gather and feast at the temple for the dedication of the new Deuki — after which she’d be considered married to the gods.

These girls who are as young as five years of…

Decluttering Your Social Media Feeds As a Minimalist

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

Sometime last month, I participated in a challenge with my friends. In the challenge, we all had to post a video screenshot of our respective Instagram feeds.

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of mentally exhausting content on some of my friends’ feeds. I saw that they were following accounts of people they didn’t even like and accounts with contents that were of no interest to them.

The one that concerned me the most was the screenshot of one of my friends that’s currently struggling with insecurity about her body. …

People from all parts of the world bathe there to receive blessings and healings

The Saut-d-Eau Water falls in Haiti ( Photo source:

The Saut-d-Eau waterfall which is often referred to as “the city of happiness” is currently the tallest in Haiti. Approximately 100ft high, the waterfall owes its name to another large waterfall in Haiti called the Le Saut. Located near the Mirebalais Arrondissement, in the Centre Department of Haiti, it was considered a sacred place of voodoo pilgrimage in the 19th century after it was alleged that the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel had appeared on one of its palm trees.

During the 19th century, it was reported that a man named Fortune Morose had claimed to have witnessed the whole…

The culture that encourages little children to have sexual intercourse

Trobriand children (Photo source:

Popularly referred to as “The Islands of Love”, the Trobriand Islands are a 174-square-miles group of islands on the east coast of New Guinea. The people are indigenous matrilineal people with a population of 12,000. They live in thatch houses on the main island of Kiriwina and are mostly subsistence horticulturalists.

They were named Trobriand in 1793 by Antoine Brune, the navigator of the first European ship (the Esperance French ship), that settled on their island. It is said that Antoine Brune named them after Denis de Trobriand, his first lieutenant.

The Trobriand people are known for several things like…

Rape is rape and should always be handled with a 100% level of seriousness regardless of gender

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in 1988’s “Coming to America.” -Amazon Studios (Photo source:

It’s no news that the first Coming to America movie was a huge success. The 1988 movie which was directed by the American film director John Landis and starred Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and Shari Headley, amongst others, won numerous awards and made about $288.8–350 million. I first saw the movie as a young girl and it became one of my favorites.

A couple of months ago it was announced there was going to be a sequel and my first impression was ‘oh no, not a sequel, don’t ruin it.’ But then soon after seeing all the hype about the…

It was believed that doing so would bring about an abundance of water and a great harvest

(Photo sources:

Masturbation happens to be one of the most common yet most shamed sexual practices in many cultures and religions. But in ancient Egypt, masturbation was a holy ritual that was believed to bring good fortune to the land.

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the creation of the universe was a result of masturbation by Atum (the god of pre-existence and post-existence).

The Story of Creation

The story of the creation of the universe according to Ancient Egyptian mythology states that before the creation of the world, the god Atum was the only existing being. At some point, Atum began to feel lonely and horny…

The queen who led the resistance against the Muslim Conquest

Statue of Queen Dihya of Algeria ( Poto source: Wikipedia)

Often described as tall, stubborn, and powerful, Queen Dihya (also known as Kahina) was the “Khaleesi” of her time as she is known in ancient history as the queen who ruled a free Berber state and led the indigenous resistance against the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb. Though her reign only lasted for five years (695–700CE), her name goes down in history as one of the greatest female African leaders.

The Life of Queen Dihya

As a descendant of a priestly family who was deported from Judea by Pharaoh Necho during the days of King Yoshiahu, Dihya was said to be a sorceress and a…

Young girls and women are denied the rights to choose to whom they give their bodies

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Bride kidnapping, or marriage by abduction, dates back thousands of years ago. It is quite unfortunate that it’s still practiced in certain societies around the world.

As the name implies, Bride kidnapping is a form of marriage where a man captures and marries a girl. In some cases when the parents of the girl are against her marrying her lover, she could plan with him to kidnap and impregnate her. That way, the parents would have no other choice than to let her be married to him. Unfortunately, the most common forms of bride kidnapping are cases where the girls…

The woman who dared to be different. It took her one clever plan to cause a revolution during her time.

Charlotte E. Ray (Photo source:

Born in New York on 13 January 1850, Charlotte E. Ray was a teacher at Howard University who eventually became the first black woman to acquire a Law degree in the United States.

During the 19th century, women weren't allowed to be involved in the legal profession and if they showed any interests, they were barred from acquiring a license to practice. But Charlotte E. Ray dared to be different. It took her one clever plan to cause a revolution during her time.

Life Before the Bar

Born and raised in a progressive family with six other siblings, her father Charles Bennet Ray was…

Some of these superstitions are believed to have originated from very normal and rational reasons but eventually turned into superstitious beliefs.

Photo by James Douglas on Unsplash

Are you thinking of visiting India, or are you interested in knowing more about the culture? If you are, here are a few things you should know about the country. If you’re a person who believes in superstitions, consider taking note of these restrictions.

1. Menstruating Women and the Temple

Though many believe that in India menstruation is considered a form of impurity and women who are currently on their menstrual cycle are prohibited from entering into the temple, it is said that the real reason women aren’t allowed into the temple while menstruating was that because up until 1896, there were no sanitary pads and…

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