Don’t do these things when in South Korea.

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Little girls who are ‘offered to the gods’ by their own parents

A Deuki sleeping outside a temple ( Photo Source:

Decluttering Your Social Media Feeds As a Minimalist

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Things you shouldn't do when you're in Hong Kong

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The Culture that saved the tomatoes festival

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La Tomatina Festival

For several years now, Valencian — a town located in the eastern part of Spain has been known to celebrate the La Tomatina Festival. A festival that involves participants engaging in tomato fights on the street purely for the purpose of entertainment.

The festival that has hospitalized many and yet is still being celebrated

Photo of a Cheese Rolling Contest (Photo

The Sun Never Sets in these places for months

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Nunavut, Canada

The North Canadian city located about two degrees above the Arctic Circle. …

Queen Nzingha the brave warrior queen of Angola

A drawing of Queen Nzingha of Angola(Photo source: Wikipedia)

Are you afraid of getting the Vaccine?

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My answer to your question: Should I quit my job?

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